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C.da Grotta d'Acqua - S.S. 640 Ag-Cl 93010 Serradifalco, Sicilia Italia
Tel: 0039 0934.931587

We are at Norma That's Sicily at the Catania airport | Arkè Caltanissetta

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We are at Norma That's Sicily at the Catania airport

Since June 2016 we are present at Norma That's Sicily at the Catania airport. Wait of GUSTO in Hall of MADE IN SICILY, a local place of arrival, taste and culture. Culture, tastes and leisure time: a unique location, where passengers and those who already live the area can enjoy the - taste of Sicily - in a multipurpose center dedicated to the excellence of Made in Sicily and precisely to the regional cuisine. An important point of reference for operators, for tourists in transit and for those who will find themselves in that place. A stage of Sicilian, flying craft of excellence and culture of the whole island.


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