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Arkè for the environment
To the Origins of Love

Arkè and Nature

Arkè is zich ervan bewust dat onze grond onze belangrijkste bron is. Daarom verduurzamen en beschermen wij onze grond door gebruik te maken van duurzame bronnen van energie.

Both are totally integrated with our facilities and are capable of satisfying more than 100% of the whole production cycle’s energy requirements. Arkè and Nature is a tie as unbreakable as the one that binds this territory and our products.

Since 2015 our production chain has become more eco-friendly thanks to the expulsion of the solid waste products of the olive milling process (hazel and pulp). The hazel, excellent woody fuel, is used to heat the facilities. The pulp/flesh, instead, is sent to a nearby power station (located just 30 km away from our company) that produces Biogas..

36.960 kg less Carbon dioxide pollute the environment every year. A total of 739.200 kg of CO2 since the plant installation. Sustainable energy resources have allowed us to avoid using 15.708 kg of oil for year; 314.160 kg of oil saved since the plant installation.


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