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To the Origins of Love

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Hospitality is our passion! You can spend a day in our establishment and by our guided tastings you will discover up close how we work and increase your knowledge about olive oil. We will take a few representative samples from oil silos and we will compare them, discussing about taste-olfactory sensations and varieties. .

During the oil production we offer you the possibility to take part in the olive harvest and milling, producing your own olive oil that will be sent directly to your home.

For sure you will not miss the traditional “pane cunzatu” (cunzatu bread), which is a bread made from Sicilian ancient grains and natural yeast seasoned with oregano, herbs and the inevitable Extra Virgin Arkè!

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Olio Arkè e Natura di Diliberto Salvatore E. M. & C. S.A.S.
C.da Grotta D'Acqua snc - 93100 Serradifalco (CL)
Informativa erogazioni pubbliche ex art.1, c.125-bis, L.124/2017


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